Monday, February 25, 2008

Cool Survey!!!

Holy Cow, Batman! I just heard about this killer-awesome new survey! Nothing gets me excited like surveys. It's a survey about religion in America. So fascinating. Check it at:

I'm reciting these figures from memory (no time to double check the can use the link above and do that yourself), but some of the key facts are:

51% of Americans are Protestant
16% of Americans have no religious affiliation
20% of Men have no religious affiliation
13% of Women have no religious affiliation
25% of 18-29 year olds have no religious affiliation

50% of Hindus have a post-graduate degree
33% of Jewish people have a post-graduate degree

So interesting! I wish I had the master data set in SPSS. I could spend days drooling over stats!

I am such a nerd.

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